Are Paris Hilton and beau Benji Madden on the rocks? The serial-dating heiress has managed to maintain a relationship with the Good Charlotte rocker for an astounding seven months, but a Brit tabloid claims things are getting shaky.

Reports of Paris mingling with a MySpace exec and flirting with soccer hottie Cristiano Ronaldo rankled her man, according to the Daily Star. The paper says Benji made threats to pack up and leave their Hollywood Hills love nest before eventually agreeing to give the romance another chance.

“He was really fed up about this,” a source close to the pop-punker told the paper, “but his attitude is good riddance to her if she has really cheated on him.”

Gee, and it looked like Paris had finally found true love. Oh, who are we kidding? The only real shock here is that she hasn’t already moved on. 

Stormy Britney

Britney Spears should be riding high after her triumph at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards — the never-before winner snagged three trophies and generally acted like a functional, presentable human being — but Page Six claims she’s none too happy at the moment. The pop star is said to be “furious” and “upset” about mother Lynne’s new tell-all book.

The Spears matriarch dishes in “Through the Storm” about her famous daughter’s downward spiral. And Britney is allegedly angry that Lynne blames managers and handlers, instead of taking responsibility for her own role in her daughter’s issues.

A rep for Britney — yes, she actually has a rep now! — told the column, “This is false.”

Really? Because we wouldn’t exactly blame Britney for being peeved. How would you like it if your own mom sold you out in print?

‘Misleading’ Mills

After quitting her job as Heather Mills’ mouthpiece, Michele Elyzabeth is dishing dirt about her former client. The infamous ex-wife’s ex-rep says the one-time Mrs. Paul McCartney “is a calculating, pathological liar and the biggest [expletive] on the planet.”

Michele adds to the U.K.’s News of the World that Heather “not only misled me, she misled the entire world.”

And the rep confesses, “That witch tricked me into spreading lies about Paul.” Although Paul was forking over money to his estranged wife during the divorce proceedings, Michele confessed that she did an “Extra” interview in which she “told millions of viewers Paul didn’t give her any money at all. … But it was a pack of lies.”

With friends, her former employee says, Heather would “run down Paul as a man and be very nasty about him. She was exceptionally dismissive about him, going into graphic detail about their love lives. She was very indiscreet.”

Along with trashing her hubby, Heather allegedly bugged his phone, taping a private conversation with his daughter Stella that she played for Michele. 

“I’ve asked myself many times what was Heather’s motivation, but it all points to one thing: money,” added the flack. “She’s a gold digger. I’m certain her marriage to Paul was all about the money.”

Gee, you figured that out, huh?

Salma: Reconciliation?

Salma Hayek is that rare celeb who doesn’t just keep her private life private — she fully shrouds it in mystery. It was a complete surprise when she announced last year that she was pregnant and engaged to French tycoon Francois-Henri Pinault — we hadn’t even known they were dating. And it was totally out of the blue when they ended their engagement in July. Now, Salma is keeping us wondering again, as she showed up at a party with her ex.

The bash, held in Pacific Palisades on Saturday, was to celebrate Stevie Wonder’s son Kailand’s 7th birthday. Joined by their baby daughter, Valentina Paloma, 11 months, the “Ugly Betty” producer and her former betrothed were smiling and comfortable together, People reports.

“She stayed by his side almost the whole time,” a fellow attendee told the magazine’s Web site. “It was so cute — Francois-Henri was carrying the baby, smiling and playing with her. He obviously adores Valentina.”

What we want to know is: Do he and Salma still adore each other? Unfortunately, knowing her, we’re not likely to find out anytime soon.

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