Jennifer Egan

Author Jennifer Egan says she is considering a book idea about San Francisco before the tech boom.

“Nothing is free!” Jennifer Egan warns in "The Candy House," the long-awaited sequel to her Pulitzer Prize–winning 2011 novel, "A Visit from the Goon Squad." “Only children expect otherwise, even as myths and fairy tales warn us: Rumpelstiltskin, King Midas, Hansel and Gretel. Never trust a candy house!”

Indeed. The high-flying, innovative "Goon Squad," a series of interconnected stories, detailed the intersecting lives of record company executive Bennie Salazar; his assistant, Sasha; and a complicated group of characters. "The Candy House" takes on the adventures of Bix Bouton, an African American techie who played a minor role in the earlier book. This time out, he heads Mandala, a tech empire with a planetary reach into people’s private lives that would put Google, Amazon or Meta to shame. It’s a cautionary tale, but an often playful one.

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