Orange County tries to entice SF residents to visit in new campaign

Orange County is hoping to lure San Francisco residents to take a break from the fog and visit the sunny Southern California county via a new campaign that aims to promote tourism in the area.

Orange County cities have banded together and pooled their resources to promote tourism targeting their fellow Californians in the north, specifically San Francisco residents.

The sunny area making up Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Newport, Irvine, Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa have combined their visitor associations to create a marketing campaign called “OMGOC.”

The campaign wants to change current perceptions Northern California residents, specifically those who live in San Francisco, may have of Orange County with a “goal of blowing their minds,” according to a statement from the Orange County Visitors Association.

Some of the campaign’s arguments for leaving the foggy city and heading south? Orange County is just an hour and a half plane ride away and boasts 42 miles of coastline, adventure, watersports, world-famous theme parks and endless options for shopping.

The campaign includes a new website which highlights activities and stories from the Orange County area, and radio ads. Included also is a social media push via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The OMGOC campaign begins Tuesday and continues through Dec. 10. The website can be found at

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