Nat Ford attends last Muni board meeting today

Anyone who’s ever attended the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s board of directors meetings knows it can be an ugly affair for the department’s executive director, Nat Ford.

During the public comment period, when meeting attendees have two minutes speak about the SFMTA, streams of people line up to the microphone to give Ford a piece of their mind.

Since the SFMTA covers such a large umbrella of operations — transit, traffic, taxis, biking  and walking — basically everyone has something lousy to say about the agency, and they often let Ford know in a not-so-subtle manner that he’s doing a bad job.

Well, the departing executive director is probably looking forward to today — his last ever board meeting. Ford will officially step down from the agency Thursday, at which time he’ll be leaving the SFMTA with a $384,000 severance package — something that is surely to receive plenty of attention during today’s public comment period.

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