Three suspects dazed, confused

These alleged stoner crooks might as well have sent cops a smoke signal.

Despite carrying numerous hypodermic needles filled with meth in their vehicle along with stolen ID cards, checks and mail, three suspects who apparently couldn't wait to twist up a joint Monday morning got rolled.

Just before 11:20 a.m., according to police, two officers came upon quite a bust when they spotted the front passenger of a vehicle rolling a joint in the 200 block of Judson Avenue, located in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

A man and two women were in the car, and the man allegedly admitted he didn’t have a medical marijuana card when the cop spotted more pot in the center console.

Officers also learned the man was on active probation, allowing them to search the vehicle and find more drugs, including prescription pills, the stolen items and an illegal switchblade, police said.

All three were booked on an array of felony charges, including drugs, burglary tools, stolen property and possession of fraudulent checks.

“It is strongly believed by the officers that these subjects, and possibly many other persons as well, are actively involved in mail theft, identity theft and fraud,” police at Bayview Station said.


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