Sally Stephens

Hurricane brought out the good in people who helped after the devastation

Chella Phillips runs a refuge for stray and abandoned dogs in Nassau in the Bahamas.

A shameful anniversary that forces America to confront uncomfortable truths

It’s not easy to admit that our nation, which we like to think of as a beacon of liberty and freedom, bears the stains of slavery.

Trying to understand and prevent mass shootings

The Violence Project has created a database of every mass shooting since 1966.

What happens if San Francisco’s power is shut down to prevent wildfires?

Imagine The City with no working traffic lights. Cellphone networks and internet phone lines could fail.

Two good animal organizations are losing community support over feral cat policy changes

At a recent meeting of the San Francisco Animal Control and Welfare…

Appreciating the rocket that first brought humans to the moon

Fifty years ago, the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the Moon.

Rec and Park bypasses community before changing dog park hours

One of the foundations of our government is the idea that the public gets to weigh in on policy matters.

More feral cats could die in San Francisco following policy change

For over 20 years, the San Francisco SPCA and the City’s municipal shelter, Animal Care and Control, pioneered groundbreaking programs to manage feral cats.

When a benefit for individuals is bad for society

I live on a quiet street in a neighborhood of single-family homes…

Like it or not, transit-only lane coming to West Portal

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency wants to put a transit-only lane on one block of West Portal to speed up Muni trains.

Black hole image brought out a few nasty trolls

The release last week of the first image of a black hole was a triumph for science, technology, and humanity.

Sally Stephens: Of rap and free speech

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon announce whether they will consider overturning the conviction of a young rapper.

Why is San Francisco encouraging people to smoke at outdoor events?

In 2005, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to ban smoking in city parks and other public spaces.

How to keep the peace with your neighbors when parking is tight

Street parking is an issue that can easily create conflict among neighbors…

A surprisingly emotional finale to a Mars mission

No one had expected that an announcement about the end of a…

It’s time to expand the concept of what it means to be a man

Last weekend, I joined tens of thousands of other San Franciscans to…

Stepping up to keep The City’s national parks open during the government shutdown

Perhaps the most visible impact of the government shutdown has been in…

Glen Park GoBike station could add congestion to an already chaotic intersection

An intersection in the Glen Park neighborhood has become the poster child…

New Mars lander will help answer deep questions

Last Monday, after an almost seven-month-long, 300-million-mile journey from Earth, the InSight…