Robyn Purchia

Plan for wireless antenna draws neighborhood opposition

Neighbors in Lower Pacific Heights are banding together to fight a small project on Baker and Pine streets.

Regenerative funds invest in environmental health

Recently, researchers at the UC San Francisco and Berkeley compared pesticide levels in the bodies of American families.

A public bank is good for the planet

The days around Earth Day are always full of environmental announcements.

Don’t go overboard on unneeded marijuana packaging rules

This weekend is going to be dope.

It’s time to reconsider risky plan to eradicate rodents on the Farallones

About 30 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge lie a small group islands known as the Farallones.

Soaking rains a boost for salmon

The relentless rain soaking the state is great news for salmon.

Cities are failing to protect their urban canopies

Earlier this month, general contractor Webcor Builders was brought before the San Francisco Board of Appeals for illegally removing two sidewalk Sycamore trees.

Youth activists are reminiscent of the young heroes in the Harry Potter stories

Last Friday, about 2,000 San Francisco Bay Area students left school and marched down Market Street.

Historic march against Wells Fargo planned for this week

Last weekend, reports of unethical business practices at Wells Fargo surfaced again.…

Gas cars may soon become as obsolete as horse-drawn buggies

Years ago, horse-drawn carriages shuttled San Franciscans up and down our hilly…

San Francisco Giants ahead of the game in leaving fossil fuels behind

The San Francisco Giants are in the lead; at least, when it…

There’s nothing natural about natural gas

Two weeks ago, contractors working at the corner of Geary Boulevard and…

Finding high-tech solutions to the Arctic ice meltdown

Despite cold temperatures and even snow in the Bay Area, climate change…

Breaking out of the single-family house mold

In 1964, a group of Bay Area architects decided to reject the…

It’s too early to ban environmentally-damaging shotgun shell components

On Baker Beach last week, Anna Kauffman picked up 23 pieces of…

A couple’s lifetime of possessions find new homes

Refusing plastic straws and carrying a reusable water bottle is good for…

It’s time for Pelosi to endorse the Green New Deal

On a sunny, but wet morning, activists gathered recently in San Francisco’s…

Why electric cars make sense for Uber, Lyft drivers in San Francisco

On a recent cold, San Francisco day, Marcel Espia picked me up…

‘Twas the day after Christmas and oh, what a mess

‘Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the flat Not a…

Will native Americans finally get a cultural center in San Francisco?

Last week, the sound of beating drums echoed within City Hall as…