Robyn Purchia

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SF team wins Cousteau-sponsored challenge with biodiversity project

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Residents who can’t breathe demand cleanup, reconsideration of India Basin project

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SF should fund safe use of hydration stations

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Enjoy – and support — S.F.’s open spaces

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Law has support among scientists and environmentists, but some industries fear burdensome restrictions

Green Space: Stop trashing San Francisco

The pandemic has increased the use of single-use bags and take-out containers throughout The City

Green Space: Environmental groups fight for racial justice

Environmental justice activists have long fought some of these systemic acts of racial violence that are often less reported in the news

Green Space: Stop taking trees down

Growing SF’s urban canopy provides economic, environmental benefits

Green Space: Saving the future of the herring fishery

“We’re not in the business to catch the last fish,” said Nick Sohrakoff, president and director of the San Francisco Bay Herring Research Association

This year’s Earth Day celebration was quiet, but determined

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day last week wasn’t the moment many anticipated.

Green Space: Ways to stay environmentally conscious during the pandemic

Protecting public health can seem more important than reducing plastic these days.

San Francisco’s sea stars are making a comeback

Healthy spaces for non-humans require more than sheltering in place

There are ways to get the 2020 salmon season off to a good start

Contact water officials to ensure supplies meet needs of people and fish

Green Space: The environmental movement and the housing crisis

Much like San Francisco today, rows and rows of temporary homes were erected around The City in the 1940s.

Is plant-based food always the best choice?

Curing a broken food system that’s wreaked such havoc is complicated.

Reducing the environmental impact of pet food

Pet owners, including myself, rarely consider the environmental paw-prints of our furry companions

Why trees are a social justice issue

Trees strengthen this social fabric by helping people stay healthy, safe and rooted

Some birds were no-shows in this year’s annual SF count

The loss of our local California Quail is even more concerning given how common they used to be in San Francisco.

Buy Nothing brings Christmas cheer without the waste

The many happy items, kids, parents and caretakers owe their gratitude to the Facebook group Buy Nothing (SF Families).

Finding the capitalist spirit this season, the good kind

Yes, capitalism can feel like a dirty word today.