Larry Rosen

Market Musings: Panic button abuse

Gen Z kids living with parents won’t devastate rental market

Market Musings: The pandemic is putting some San Francisco landlords in crisis

We have this image of “the landlord” — this predatory, over-funded, 1980s yuppie meme, polo shirt-wearing tech bro.

How a permanent working-from-home scenario would harm San Francisco

The depth of nothing good in this scenario is impressive

Market Musings: Why we should root for Airbnb

Of course, Airbnb hasn’t always been the most popular kid on the San Francisco block

Realtors can show houses again? Not so fast

As shelter-in-place rules loosen, confusion increases in San Francisco real estate market

Market Musings: Are buyers purchasing homes through ‘virtual” open houses?

Some agents tell me the market is at a standstill; others say they’re moving properties

Market Musings: Mortage forbearance has arrived, but how will real estate bear the upcoming months?

Not panicking is not the same as hiding your head in the sand; it’s admitting the rough road ahead.

Apocalypse SF Bay Area real estate market in 2020?

March is usually a time of rejoicing in the real estate world. This year everything is different.

Market Musings: Mortgage rates are falling again. Does it matter?

The City’s home owners, rather than buyers, stand to gain most from cut

Market Musings: The latest SF real estate firm deal is a good one

Pour one out, real estate homies, for another independent San Francisco real estate firm.

Do car-free streets hurt housing prices?

The other day I took a big dose of skepticism for a walk down the newly car-less Market Street to see what all the fuss was about

Housing at San Francisco’s Union Square? Maybe the time has come

This is no fantasy scenario; it’s real…if Sand Hill properties gets its way.

There’s more to vacant homes in SF than meets the eye

San Francisco has a tradition of vacant properties

Market Musings: A decade for the record books in Bay Area real estate

San Francisco real estate in 2019 is heady, but it’s not the same Wild West that it was in 2007.

Is December really a bad time to sell your home?

Conventional wisdom goes like this: there are times to list your property and times to sit and wait

Will the ban on real estate ‘pocket listings’ help or hurt?

Last month, during its annual meeting in San Francisco (where else?), the…

ADUs for me and you

Whether you agree with Bernie Sanders that Apple “helped create the housing…

Market Musings: Will Warriors Thrive City thrive?

The new neighborhood always — not sometimes, always — comes with a jaunty ear worm of a name.

Confused about San Francisco’s real estate market? You are not alone

Sometimes it seems that local real estate is the poster child for the term “mixed messages.”