Kevin Stone

Use this time to blossom in place

Tips for growing from within as you shelter in place

Why are some people more susceptible to infection?

The response to the current threat of infection may be helpful, but it also may portend problems.

Conservative care versus operative care

Sometimes surgery is the best treatment option

Weight gain for the too thin

Too thin, too little muscle, too lean, too stressed; all describe many…

Don’t open the Achilles

The ruptured Achilles tendon heals beautifully when repaired. It just doesn’t need…

Sit up

Kevin R. Stone, MD Sit up. Just like your mother told you…

Why ACL repairs often fail

A few do very well. Most do not.

Opt in to donate your organs

Orthopaedic tissues, such as meniscus and articular cartilage, are also in short supply.

Why most total knee replacements are not needed

This year, in the United States alone, the number of total knee replacements will exceed 600,000.

Rotator cuff injuries revisited

The rotator cuff of the shoulder has four major tendons. The supraspinatus—the…

Risk exposure time

The increasing number of injuries in all sports for all ages begs…

Examining the birth tissue revolution

Birth tissues products donated by the mothers when they give birth are the new fountain of youth used in many fields of medicine.

Achilles Tears: The Debate Continues

Achilles tendon ruptures are in the news. Season-ending, will take a year…

Breaking down calf strains

Until recently, it was believed most injured muscles couldn’t be fully restored

Emerging evidence shows wider benefits of supplements

Until recently, few supplements showed adequate benefits. But this is about to change.

Dealing with stress fractures

Stress fractures happen to athletes at the worst of times.

Counting the many reasons to get eight hours of sleep

The data is now overwhelming. Eight hours of sleep each night is what humans need for optimal health and performance.

The key to a healthy diet: Protein and water

Diets come and go. Advice on water, supplements, energy drinks, and food choices vary like the wind.

Once you go soft you are never going back

New boot designs keep skiers on their feet

Touch is a ‘magical gift’

Amongst the many missing things in caregiving, the lack of touch is the easiest to remedy