Kelly Dessaint

There’s always something to say about San Francisco

Venturing into Fisherman’s Wharf while the sun’s still out is a fool’s errand.

When even the Warriors don’t cheer people up

Despite not wanting to set a bad example for my two-year-old by staring at a phone all day on the couch.

Just another Wednesday night in San Francisco

Given the opportunity for a do over, I never would have worked last Wednesday.

Seeking a temple of the familiar

There for a while I seriously questioned my decision to leave National to drive for Yellow.

Back on the road, but it’s a rocky one

My first day back in a cab after a month long sabbatical transpired with more than a few bumps in the road.

Taking a break from behind the wheel

I never really wanted to drive a car.

How to become a taxi driver

One of the major “innovations” Uber and Lyft have unleashed upon the world is a low barrier of entry in recruiting drivers.

When passenger safety becomes a casualty of innovation

I’ll never forget my first wasted girl.

When you lose taxis, you lose a sense of wonder – and safety

When you live with a rambunctious two-year old in a cramped one-bedroom apartment, ignoring background noise is the only way to not go insane.

Remembrance of taxi rides past

Regulars come and regulars go.

When getting around is more about being trendy than saving money

You can learn a lot about the current state of transportation in the ad hoc cabstand outside Public Works at 3 a.m.

The loneliness of the late night taxi driver

In the small hours, Howard Street can be the loneliest stretch of…

Hostile Uber encounters are inevitable when you are outnumbered

Well, it happened again. Seems like no matter how hard I try…

Stuck inside a taxi with the winter blues again

February is a bust. I only worked three shifts this month. Which…

Playing the taxicab hustle pays off with bigger fares

Last Thursday was my first taxi shift in two weeks. After failing…

Inside the secret life of taximeters

“Just so you know,” says the guy in the back of my…

A ride for everyone

In a Yellow cab, you really stand out. Besides the distinctive, universally…

Navigating new terrain in familiar places

Deep in the cut, I play the radio hard. Taking one order…

Driving San Francisco again

It’s all about the radio… Back in the day, Veterans Cab was…

The scourge of the surge

It’s all part of the process. As demand spikes and dynamic pricing…