Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

On Guard: JUUL hires former dueling campaign consultants, hinting at big-money ballot fight to come over vape ban

Also: Letters from residents show support for waterfront Navigation Center as well as opposition

SFPD adds more traffic cops to their ranks

Street scofflaws beware: More traffic cops will soon roam San Francisco’s streets.…

Armed police or unarmed ambassadors? BART weighs conflicting visions for passenger safety

Agency’s proposed annual budget includes $2 million more for police, $500k more for fare inspectors

BART’s top official, Grace Crunican, announces ‘surprise’ departure

The general manager led the agency through a strike that crippled the Bay Area and also helped secured a $3.5 million bond

The little streetcar route that spurred the development of an SF neighborhood turns 100

One century ago, San Francisco’s West Side resembled photos of the Sahara desert: Sand dunes stretched far into the horizon.

Official claims Breed asked her to resign amid debate over closing juvenile hall

Juvenile Probation Commission President Rebecca Woodson said she resigned at mayor’s request

Repairs to Salesforce Transit Center near construction milestone

Repairs to the Salesforce Transit Center are about to hit a major…

Women sue Muni alleging fare-inspection manager bullied, groped subordinates

A manager in Muni’s fare inspection unit has been sued for allegedly…

Breed, Walton announce plan to end switchbacks on Muni T-Third ‘immediately’

Walton vowed to end practice shortly after he was sworn into office

Transbay Terminal designers getting paid for first time since cracks found in steel beam

For the first time since a cracked steel beam was found at…

Lawsuit seeking to block bridge toll hike fails

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association sued in July to block Regional Measure 3

SFMTA official says SF supervisors ‘water down’ safety projects

In the 1976 film “Network,” fictional news anchor Howard Beale commands millions…

N-Judah train shutdown could affect Muni bus service citywide

Muni riders on bus routes along Chestnut Street, Geary Boulevard, and Mission…

Bridge toll lawsuit imperils funds for SF Bay hovercraft study

A lawsuit to halt Bay Area bridge toll increases could also torpedo…

Fiery SF waterfront advocate, Corinne Woods, dies at 72

Corinne Woods, a fierce waterfront advocate, died peacefully in her home Monday…

Many Muni drivers sleeping in their cars due to long commutes

Operators priced out of San Francisco argue for better wages, safe spaces to rest

SF pledges new ‘action plan’ for dangerous streets

Ten people have died in traffic collisions on San Francisco’s streets this…

14-year-old girl dies after being struck by car near Lake Merced

A 14-year-old girl who was struck by a driver in mid-March on…

Google buys Burning Man? Benioff to donate fortune to end homelessness? — an SF April Fools jokes round-up

Alright folks, announcement time: I’m dying my hair blue. OK OK, lame…