Deborah Petersen

From The Editor: It’s time to knock American history off its pedestals

Do we really need statues of former slaveholders and men who abused indigenous people to sow the seeds of the American story?

Help the San Francisco Examiner, SF Weekly continue our mission of providing free, local news

This week, I was faced with the heartbreaking task of reducing the hours — and therefore the pay — of the very journalists who report, write, edit and photograph that news.

Chance encounter gives SF Zoo rare glimpse of a bald eagle it released 20 years ago

The photographer, Breana Schmidt of Anza, California read on Facebook that a bald eagle had been observed in the area

Join Us: The Examiner rolls out membership program for readers

If you find that our journalism is valuable and relevant to your life, please join us.

A troubling event in The Examiner’s history: Friday of the Purple Hand

We like the concept of using this moment to raise awareness of the history of the gay rights movement and the price people paid for being themselves.

Chase Center: Opulence is the price we pay for a privately-funded arena

Despite all these nods to the team’s new/old home of San Francisco, and to those sitting in non-luxury seats it’s hard to ignore the indulgence of the exclusive offerings.

Travel: Exploring the wilds of Siberia and Lake Baikal

Civilized roads would remove some of the wildness of this Siberian gem, Lake Baikal.

What I learned from living through the unthinkable

When I was in college decades ago, I found myself feeling a similar mix of grief, shame and disbelief.

Joining the SF Homeless Project to inspire solutions

The visibility of the problem inspires some to seek solutions, but it makes others overwhelmed, frustrated or worse, complacent.

Doing good without realizing it

There’s a homeless man I see every day during my commute to The City.

How our publications decide to quote — and protect — unnamed sources

Sometimes we assume our readers know where we draw the line in acquiring information for a story.

San Francisco’s poop problem needs a 24-hour solution

A month or so ago, I was heading to catch BART at 16th & Mission after a half hour Muni ride.

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Just prior to making my way back to journalism, I attended an intense two-week Executive Education program at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Let’s continue meaningful conversations on The Examiner’s new website

We launched a new website site on Monday afternoon, and for a…

Let’s Talk: Beginning a conversation with our readers

As the leader of a newsroom, I strive to be as transparent…