Christopher B. Dolan

While it’s not legally required that voters in California wear masks at polling places, officials highly encourage the practice. <ins>(Courtesy photo)</ins>

Health and safety measures at the voting booth

Voters and poll workers should wear masks, social distance and sanitze hands

While it’s not legally required that voters in California wear masks at polling places, officials highly encourage the practice. <ins>(Courtesy photo)</ins>

What is the Electoral College and why do we have one?

It’s not representative of the actual electorate, nor was it designed to be when it was formed over 200 years ago

Inching toward equality for LGBTQ+

Reactions to SB 145 are marred with personal biases and fear mongering

People boating under the influence may be held responsible

California law requires watercraft operators to be sober

With Election Day coming, here’s how to vote in California

Due to COVID-19, aspects of the 2020 general election are unprecedented

Resources for those affected by California’s wildfires

People can reach out to local, state and federal agencies for assistance

Can the federal government deploy federal police to states?

Officers must have probable cause when detaining people at peaceful rallies

There are ways to deal with cyberbullying in school

California has enacted laws to protect children from being abused online

California law addresses safety for bicyclists

Cars must stay at least 3 feet away from people on bikes

Family First Coronavirus Response Act offers childcare help

Expanded Family Medical Leave Act accommodates working parents’ needs

New protections for SF employees tested for COVID-19 on the job

The City has stepped up to provide clarity in pandemic era’s time of uncertainty

Pertinent details about the timely CAREN Act

Proposed law aims to protect rights of minorities often victims of fraudulent emergency calls

Medical disability rights in the era of COVID-19

Those who cannot wear masks may register concerns with government agencies

Your rights when you are detained: Do you really get a phone call?

By Christopher Dolan and Casey Hultin Detained? No. Arrested and booked? Yes.…

Supreme Court decision a monumental ruling for LBGTQ rights

Anti-discrimination employment protections in Civil Rights Act extended across the U.S.

Is it legal to shoot video of police?

Most courts have held that the First Amendment gives individuals the right to document police officers in public

Constitutional rights must balance with need to protect public health

The bottom line is that the state may regulate civil liberties during an epidemic.

Our first amendment right to peacefully protest is sacrosanct

Curfews in and of themselves violate civil liberties. Public officials at every level of government are making arbitrary decisions

Aid is available for unemployed immigrants during the pandemic

Governor Newsom, through an executive order, created the Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants (DRAI) project