Christopher B. Dolan

Aid is available for unemployed immigrants during the pandemic

Governor Newsom, through an executive order, created the Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants (DRAI) project

Protecting doctors who voice concerns about inadequate patient care

Physicians are supposed to be protected, even as hospitals wield significant power

What rights do physicians have when being denied protection from COVID-19?

Today’s question comes from Anonymous who asks: “I work in health care…

Discrimination and retaliation in reducing workforce is unlawful

Businesses do have the right to terminate or lay off employees when the needs of the business call for a reduction in force

Anti-Asian hate crimes and acts have increased during the COVID-19 Crisis

The sudden emergence of racist and violent attacks towards people of Asian…

California expands health care resources for uninsured, undocumented residents

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the state, it is imperative that every Californian be informed of their health care options

Employees affected by COVID-19 are entitled to use sick leave

All California employees accrue sick time at their jobs.

Can I take paid leave for possible coronavirus exposure?

Dear Mr. Dolan: Last week I was at a dinner party and…

Texting isn’t the only illegal phone activity while driving

This week’s question comes from Sandra in the Upper Haight, who writes:…

Who pays when at fault drivers are minimally insured?

This week’s question comes from Lydia in South San Francisco who asks:…

Fraud and misrepresentation in the workplace

By Christopher Dolan and Mari Bandoma Callado This week’s question comes from…

More accountability is needed for Amazon

This week’s article will focus on a legal battle my firm is…

Are Uber / Lyft drivers independent contractors?

The new law that you have heard about, AB 5, amends Labor Code Section 3351

Pause and think before you hit record

The implications of secret recordings in the workplace

Who is liable for falling trees?

State law provides that the owner of a tree whose branches overhang an adjoining landowner’s property is liable for damages caused by the overhanging branches.

You don’t need to put up with a hostile working environment

Today’s question comes from Geraldine T. in Berkeley: “After reading your article…

New state laws expand workplace protections against sexual harassment

Ava G from The Haight asks: “I heard that there were some…

Most gift cards come without expiration dates

This question comes from Kim M. in Pacific Heights, who asks: Q:…

Who is eligible for paid sick leave?

This week’s question comes from Angela in Berkeley, who asks: Q:“I work…

Identifying liability in an officer-involved accident

This week’s column focuses on a recent incident about which we have…