Struggles with infertility are common

My 87-year-old mother walks gingerly, slowly, deliberately, one step in front of the other, with the help of a walker. I’m always hyper-alert to pitfalls in her walking path — people, objects, open doors, running dogs — especially after she fell down and sustained multiple pelvic fractures and took more than three months to recover. That’s why watching a young man deliberately charge at 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee was particularly traumatic. Sadly, Ratanapakdee, originally from Thailand, did not survive the force of his fall. And that one senselessly horrific incident has destroyed two lives and become the face of anti-Asian bias in the nation.

Daly City resident, 19-year-old Antoine Watson, has been charged in the deadly assault that took place on the morning of Jan. 28, when Ratanapakdee was violently pushed onto the pavement. The incident was captured on surveillance video and has been widely shared, leading to increased anxiety in the Asian American community, particularly for vulnerable Asian seniors.

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