San Francisco nurse Susan Wong is on a mission to break down the poo taboo and save the world from constipation, one viral video at a time.

For nearly 40 years, Wong, who lives near Ingleside Terrace, worked as a nurse at UCSF, where she helped transform the institution’s colorectal clinic beginning in 1999. She earned a reputation for her charm and ability to ease patients’ nerves coming in with problems ranging from off-color bowel movements to colon cancer. The “rear admiral” and the “butt whisperer” are just a few of the nicknames Wong wears like a badge of honor, and she’s also racked up several service awards for her work.

Shootin’ the sh*t with San Francisco’s famous poop nurse

Nurse Susan Wong’s YouTube channel Butt Talks TV, where she posts new videos regularly. (Examiner screenshot)

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