Supes vs. mayor: Fight breaks out on how to spend Prop I money

Board approves $64 million to acquire small apartment buildings against Breed’s wishes

By Benjamin Schneider

For SF meteorologist Drew Tuma, it’s both weather and climate change

‘We hope that you get to learn something about your changing Earth’

By Carly Graf

Groping, taunts and threats on the Tesla factory floor, lawsuit alleges

Fremont worker says she was harassed constantly, while CEO Elon Musk Tweets sexist jokes

By Jeff Elder

How many more fentanyl overdose deaths before San Francisco opens safe injection sites?

SF Board of Supervisors declares local emergency, activists call for Mayor Breed to act

By Gil Duran

A heartbeat from the presidency at a dangerous time, can Kamala Harris rise to the task?

VP struggles with staff drama and gaffes in new Biden administration role

By Gil Duran

In the face of Omicron, San Francisco is an oasis of science and sanity

‘This is how we do things here. We wear a mask and get our shots’

By C.W. Nevius

SF Examiner, 12/1/2021

SF Examiner, 12/1/2021