Yasiel Puig suspended, Nick Hundley fined for fight between Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants

The Major League Baseball Office of the Commissioner has handed down disciplinary actions in the wake of Tuesday’s brawl between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants.

Giants catcher Nick Hundley has been fined, while Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig was fined and suspended two games, to start this Friday against the Seattle Mariners, pending appeal. The amount of the fines were not disclosed.

San Francisco had maintained that Puig — who made contact with Hundley multiple times during the seventh-inning, bench-emptying fight — should be suspended. The discipline comes down after a verbal altercation — started by Hundley — turned into a shoving match — which Puig started — which turned into a full-on bench-clearing brawl.

After fouling off a 1-1 changeup from reliever Tony Watson in the seventh inning on Tuesday night, Puig, seemingly angry that he didn’t make better contact, tossed his bat in the air and muttered to himself as he meandered outside of the batters box.

Hundley said something behind his mask — video replays were difficult to decipher — likely amounting to “get back in the box.” Puig said, through an interpreter, that Hundley told him to “stop complaining and step back in the box.”

Puig took exception, got into Hundley’s face, nose-to-mask, and then shoved Hundley in the chest. Puig shoved Hundley a second time, after which Hundley slapped Puig’s hands away. That touched off a brouhaha that emptied both benches, where Dodgers coach George Lombard wrestled Hundley away from the crowd. In the process, Lombard pinned Hundley’s arms to his side, and while that happened, Puig came over the top of several teammates and swiped at Hundley’s face, grazing his mask.

Once both teams were separated, both players were ejected.

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