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Window opens for Mavericks surf contest

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Big-wave surfer Bianca Valenti rides at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. (Sachi Cunningham/Special to S.F. Examiner)

The event window for the annual 2018 Mavericks Challenge surf contest near Half Moon Bay opened Wednesday, organizers said.

The competition, which started in 1999, draws top surfers from around the world for a day of big-day surfing off the coast of Pillar Point Harbor.

It is being run by the World Surf League this year and didn’t take place last year, when previous organizers Titans of Mavericks LLC and Cartel Management Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Under the new ownership, the window for this year’s event goes through Feb. 28. If organizers declare conditions are right, the field of 24 men and six women will come to Mavericks to vie for part of the $130,000 purse.

This would be the first year in the history of the competition that women have competed.

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