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Wayward sea lion rescued near Great Highway

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A wayward juvenile sea lion was rescued near Great Highway in San Francisco on Monday morning. (Photo courtesy Sachi Cunningham)

Animal officials rescued a wayward juvenile California sea lion that had somehow found its way to a “bad location” on the median between the Great Highway and Lower Great Highway on Monday morning.

The Marine Mammal Center’s rescue department received a call from a San Francisco police officer at about 9:30 a.m. reporting that the animal was stuck on the median.

A rescue volunteer and several officers, as well as a member of the public, managed to rescue the sea lion, later named “Kyle.”

The sea lion was taken to the Center’s hospital in Sausalito, where it has no visible injuries and is active and alert. Later this week, staff veterinarians will conduct an examination to determine the animal’s sex and collect blood samples.

Animal officials are feeding the sea lion through a tube with a special formula of electrolytes until the animal is healthy enough to eat fish.

Marine mammal officials cautioned that Monday’s incident is becoming increasingly common.

“We’re beginning to see an increase in the number of juvenile sea lion rescues across our range,” Laura Chapman, Northern Range Operations manager at The Marine Mammal Center, said in a statement. “We ask that members of the public please keep a safe distance of at least 50 feet and give our rescue hotline a call at (415) 289-SEAL so a trained responder can access whether the animal needs to be rescued.”

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