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Voters support tune-up for paid sick leave in SF

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San Francisco voters appear to have approved a tune up for The City’s paid sick leave law, which proponents said provides needed tweaks to fall in line with state law.

Proposition E passed with more than 78 percent approval. The new law will reconcile San Francisco’s historic paid sick leave law from 2006 with California legislature’s paid sick leave provisions passed in 2014.

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State law, for instance, begins accrual of time for paid leave on the first day of the job, while The City’s starts on day 91. Sick leave could also be used in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking if the measure is approved.

Since paid sick leave in San Francisco was enacted by a ballot proposition approved by voters, no government entity may change it without further voter approval, which is why Prop. E must go before voters.

The measure required a majority of voter approval to pass.

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