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Voters approve $350 million bond for public health and safety efforts

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San Francisco voters appear to have approved a $350 million bond to upgrade the San Francisco General Hospital campus, improve homeless facilities and create a new ambulance deployment facility.

Prop. A, which required two-thirds approval to pass, received 78.6 percent of the votes.

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The largest portion of the Public Health and Safety bond will continue the seismic upgrades of the Department of Public Health’s campus around the new San Francisco General Hospital. Some $222 million will go toward upgrading a 1970’s-era facility housing urgent care and The City’s only psychiatric emergency services.

Medical clinics in neighborhoods will receive $50 million, with $30 million going toward renovation of the Southeast Health Center in the Bayview and $20 million toward other health clinics, possibly the Chinatown Health Center, Castro Mission Health and Maxine Hall.

Homeless shelters will benefit from $20 million for facility upgrades, including redesigns to make them more inviting.

The Fire Department will receive $54 million of the bond money, with $44 million to construct a new ambulance deployment facility at 2245 Jerrold Ave. The remaining $14 million will go toward The City’s ongoing work to upgrade the 42 neighborhood fire stations.

Approval keeps The City on schedule with its 10-year capital plan, funding large-scale projects and seismic upgrades.

The bond will not raise property taxes, which will stay at the current level as the bond is timed to replace retired debt.

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