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VIDEO: San Franciscans document lightning from across The City

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A video screenshot of lightning over San Francisco. Courtesy Erik Visuano

As warm rains drizzled over San Francisco Monday night, lightning strikes could be seen across The City.

The unusual weather for the area drew a warning from the National Weather Service, which cautioned on Twitter, “Multiple lightning strikes observed around the San Francisco Peninsula and East Bay,” along with a warning to head indoors and to avoid conductive surfaces (including metal), as well as trees.

The weather service also cautioned against using electronics, corded phones, or touching windows.

Hopefully also heeding these warnings, plenty of San Franciscans also took to social media to document the lightning, some of which the San Francisco Examiner has rounded up below.

Defiantly aliens. 👽

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Summer storm in SF!!! (This NEVER happens here!!) ⚡️

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Got quite the light show out my bedroom window. #septemberstorm #thunderandlightning #downpour

A post shared by Ryan Swanson (@rswanee44) on

Wow SF!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ☔️ #sanfrancisco #lightning @jxb3421

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#sanfrancisco #lightning

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And lastly, one nifty photo:

Lightning strike near Sutro tower 9.11.2017 ⚡️

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