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Veruca Salt back together again

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Alt rockers Veruca Salt have a new album “Ghost Notes.” (Courtesy Alison Dyer)

It all started with an unassuming, curtly-worded Facebook posting by Chicago-bred alternative combo Veruca Salt: “Hatchets buried. Axes exhumed.” The group’s founding lineup – including long-feuding frontwomen Louise Post and Nina Gordon, who didn’t speak to each other for years after Gordon went solo in 1998 – was not only back together and touring, but releasing a new album, “Ghost Notes.” Its kinetic cuts “Prince of Wales,” “Black and Blonde,” and “Laughing in the Sugar Bowl” were as exhilarating as its definitive early hit “Seether.” “Our friends and family always imagined that this would happen, but I think Louise and I were, uhh, less certain of that,” Gordon says.

Did you two both have husbands who urged you to just call each other already?
Nina Gordon: Louise and I didn’t actually lay eyes on each other for 14 years. But Louise’s husband apparently saw me, and my husband saw Louise. And I didn’t know Tony, and Jack didn’t know Louise. But I remember Jack coming home one night and saying, “I think I just saw Louise at a restaurant.” And he would always jokingly say, “I think you should get the band back together.” But I would just laugh and be like, “Um, yeah, no, I don’t think so.” But one day, the answer was yes.

You reconnected over motherhood, right?
Louise Post: I was on my way to play a show in Vegas, in a van, when I heard that Nina was pregnant. And it hit me really powerfully. On one level, everything was right with the world because she was going to have a baby, and we both always knew that we would have children. But I also thought, “What am I doing in a van, driving to Vegas right now?” I recognized in a flash that life was going quickly, and that if I didn’t start working towards having a baby now, it would pass me by. A year later, she was working on Baby No. 2, and I was working on No. 1, and the conversations we had were very dear to me.

And you never discussed Veruca Salt, initially?
Gordon: We definitely did not ever broach the subject of music. We would occasionally send each other emails, if we heard something that we thought the other would like. But we did not discuss making music together again. Then in 2012, Mazzy Star was playing Coachella, and everyone was talking about how they hadn’t played together in 15 years. And I got this jealous kind of feeling, like, “What the fuck are we doing? We’ve got to play music again!” It wasn’t until then that I realized how much I wanted to sing with Louise.

Veruca Salt
Where: Slim’s, 333 11th St., S.F.
When: 9 p.m. July 10
Tickets: $26
Contact: (415) 522-0333, www.slimspresents.com

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