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Van Hunt asks ‘What Were You Hoping For?’

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Another one of our favorite artists, the genre-jumping Grammy winner Van Hunt, is suddenly back in the game after several years away.

The Ohio-born, Atlanta-bred Hollywood native has revved up his own imprint, post-Capitol, called godless-hotspot, and on Sept. 27 will be finally be releasing his new fourth set, “What Were You Hoping For?”

Again, it’s stylishly eclectic, to say the least, incorporating everything from R&B to jazz, poetry and even punk, in song sketches like “A Time Machine is My New Girlfriend” and “Watching You Go Crazy is Driving Me Insane.”

Hunt recorded and produced the 11 numbers himself at L.A.’s Santa Fe Tracking Station.

“I wanted this record to be disruptive,” Hunt flatly states. “I feel like I’ve finally shed the music that I grew up with — I’ve made a record that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before.”

And after touring with equally disparate performers like Seal, Coldplay, Kanye West, The Roots and Dave Matthews, he’ll be kicking off a national headline tour, as well, after he plays the 21st Annual NAACP Theatre Awards gala on Aug. 29 at Hollywood’s Rolling Stone Lounge.

He bops through San Francisco at Yoshi’s on Oct. 13. For more, visit www.vanhunt.com.

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