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Transit agency to install 270 new traffic cameras throughout San Francisco

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The City’s transportation agency will install 270 new traffic cameras throughout San Francisco.

That’s following a vote by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to authorize $1.2 million to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for the traffic cameras.

Those cameras “are not intended (as) red light cameras,” said Paul Rose, an SFMTA spokesperson.

But drivers aren’t entirely off the hook. Though cameras won’t nab red-light runners, they are monitored in the SFMTA’s Traffic Management Center, where staff members observe traffic patterns and dispatch parking control officers where needed, according to an SFMTA report.

“Expanding the traffic camera network will provide tools to improve decision making and better manage field operations,” SFMTA staff wrote.

SFMTA has 84 traffic cameras in The City mounted on traffic signals, Muni overhead poles, or streetlight poles, according to that report. The 270 new cameras are scheduled to be installed by Dec. 2019.

The footage from the traffic cameras is not recorded, per SFMTA policy. SFMTA has a seperate camera surveillance system for its own property, including garages and train stations.

A map showing proposed traffic camera locations show many concentrated downtown, with some also slated for Park Merced, The Richmond and Sunset districts, Bayview and other locations throughout San Francisco.

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