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Trampoline dodgeball championship coming to SF

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Kids have jumped on trampolines in backyards and played dodgeball in schoolyards for generations.

Combine these two popular childhood games into one and the result is definitely adults only, particularly David Cerruti’s brand of trampoline dodgeball.

The past names of his team are unsuitable for print in a family newspaper, but Cerruti and his crew from Hayward will be one of eight vying for the trampoline dodgeball world championship.

House of Air, a facility in San Francisco’s Presidio, will play host to the first-ever World Trampoline Dodgeball Championships from Friday through Sunday.

The 27-year-old, 6-foot-2 Cerruti, aka the “Blond Bomber,” will battle alongside his childhood cronies, “Chest Rockwell” and “Brock Landers,” competitors with an affinity for 1980s B-movies.

But the competition is intense. Games take a minute or two at the most, as the three balls per side are flung at high speeds, and the eight-player squads work feverishly to eliminate their opponents.

“To hit a guy with a 60 mile per hour throw, it’s pretty fun,” said Cerruti, who hopes to fire off some direct shots at rival team Dodgers Suck at the world championships.

“There’s some bad blood there,” cracked Cerruti, who has dabbled in recreational boxing. “I want to put on record that Dodgers Suck are a bunch of chumps.”

Cerruti doesn’t hide the fact that trampoline dodgeball has its underbelly, including the occasional wager between opponents. His team has a guy, “Andrew Van Metere,” whose responsibility is “balancing the books.”

With a roster of 10 athletic, go-for-broke players who average over 6-feet, 200 pounds, Cerruti proudly asserts that the game has brought some financial reward his way.

“The public should know that trampoline dodgeball is nothing like the movie Dodgeball and everything like the movie Fight Club,” Cerruti said.

It promises to be an action-filled weekend at the House of Air with dodge balls and dollar bills flying through the air as the sport of trampoline dodgeball team crowns its world champion.

Letting it fly

WHAT: World Trampoline Dodgeball Championships
WHERE: Friday-Saturday, 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
WHERE: House of Air, 926  Mason St., S.F.
TOURNEY ANNOUNCER: Olympic freestyle skiing gold medalist Jonny Moseley

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