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Top stories of the week: UC Berkeley protests, SFPD withdraws from FBI task force, SF sues Trump

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It’s been a news-heavy few days, and to help you stay informed on the hottest issues, we’ve rounded up our top stories from the past week.

Uber CEO’s departure from Trump council cements SF’s unity against president
Hours before a scheduled protest Thursday at Uber Headquarters in San Francisco, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced to employees he would step down from an economic advisory council assembled by President Donald Trump. Learn about how it went down here.

Trump threatens UC Berkeley funds after Milo protest
President Donald Trump threatened to strip federal funds from the University of California Berkeley after protests against right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos turned violent Wednesday night. Read the full story here.

Police withdraw from controversial FBI anti-terrorism task force
The announcement comes after civil liberties groups raised alarms that such cooperation under a Donald Trump administration was troublesome since the president has publicly stated a disregard for constitutional protections. Learn more.

SF sues Trump over sanctuary city executive order
City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a lawsuit Tuesday to strike down Trump’s executive order to strip sanctuary cities of federal funding if they do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. Read about it here.

SF supe plans to create first transgender cultural district in nation
The cultural district would be called the Compton’s Transgender, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual District and span several blocks in the southeastern part of the Tenderloin and the first two blocks of Sixth Street, an area that has historically been a hub of gay nightlife. Learn more about it here.

More than 1,000 gather at SFO to protest immigration ban
Many green card and visa holders were detained at airports across the country for hours as part of the order, but most were released Saturday evening and Sunday under a court order issued by a New York federal judge. See our photos of the protests here.

Lefty O’Doul’s plans final party Wednesday night ahead of closure
This week marks the bottom of the ninth inning for Lefty O’Doul’s in Union Square, as the iconic baseball-themed restaurant will close two days earlier than originally planned. Here are the details


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