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Top stories of the week: Emergency immigration hotline, seal pupping season, delivery robots

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Had a hard time keeping up with The City’s news this week? Here are our top stories on from the past few days:

SF to craft rules for robot delivery services
Robots are roaming San Francisco’s sidewalks — one was even reportedly spotted rolling down Mission Street last week — but they may be moving around without laws in place to govern commercial sidewalk use. Get the scoop on what they’re for here.

When ICE comes for SF immigrants, new hotline team fights back
A new 24-hour, seven-day-a-week hotline from a group of local nonprofits aims to defend immigrants detained by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and verify the rampant rumors of raids. Learn more about it here.

SF to propose new affordability requirements for housing developers
The legislation would require developers of rental projects with at least 25 units who opt to build affordable housing onsite (instead of off-site or paying a fee) to provide 18 percent of those units as affordable. The current requirement is 25 percent with 15 percent of total units for low-income earners. Read more here.

As seal pupping season begins, experts offer tips for safe viewing
Harbor seals and elephant seals are being born on local beaches, and to keep the new babies safe, the Marine Mammal Center has released some viewing guidelines for those lucky members of the public who happen upon the mammals’ nurseries. Learn more here

Ban proposed on SF bicycle ‘chop shops’
Supervisor Jeff Sheehy introduced legislation Tuesday that prohibits the operation of chop shops and authorizes the police “to seize any bicycles or bicycle parts from persons who operate chops.” Read more about what this entails

2 men arrested for base jumping stunt from Tenderloin building
Two men were arrested for an alleged base jumping stunt from the top of a building in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood late Tuesday night. Get the scoop here.

Oblivious drivers pack SF’s first ‘parking-protected’ bike lane with cars
Parking drama along one short block in San Francisco exploded on Twitter over the weekend, after a number of cars were spotted in a newly completed “parking protected” bike lane that was installed on Valencia Street last October. Get the details here.

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