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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour as seen on TV

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Talk about insidious.

That new Heineken commercial dubbed “The Meeting” is visually arresting, certainly. But the song that’s performed live in the background is the real stunner, with a gorgeous blonde vixen trilling a “Sing it out loud” chorus that instantly gets inside your head and stays there. And — given that TV adverts are the new radio — who is this band now poised for lager-powered superstardom, anyway?

Merely a little Danish duo dubbed The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, comprised of unique-timbred singer Mette Lindberg and producer/multi-instrumentalist Lars Iversen. On tour, they expand to a six-piece.

And the addictive ditty is “The Golden Age,” which has — believe it or not — already been used to promote the series “Mad Men” as well as Australian department-store chain Myer’s 2009 summer styles. The group has also weaseled its music into “Chuck,” “Gossip Girl,” the Anna Wintour documentary “The September Issue,” and even a recent Apple iPod Touch campaign.

Not bad for a little outfit with only one album, “Fruit,” to its credit.

Lindberg’s voice might remind listeners of another punk-spirited soulful diva, Amy Winehouse. Winehouse must’ve heard it, too. She hand-picked TAGT to open her Copenhagen gig a few years back, which was also their first-ever stage appearance. “The Golden Age” is now available as an EP, for anyone who wants to catch the Asteroids bug.

And you will. You definitely will. For more information, visit www.theasteroidsgalaxytour.com.

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