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Terrell Owens takes shot at 49ers while trying to escape TMZ cameras

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Terrell Owens took a shot at the 49ers when confronted by TMZ’s cameras. (Courtesy Collision Conf/Flickr)

Terrell Owens recently attempted to sidestep a TMZ cameraman at the Minneapolis airport and criticized the 49ers in the process.

The gossip site posted a video on Wednesday that showed Owens trying to exit with his luggage, presumably on the way to Super Bowl festivities. The cameraman asked Owens if he thought he was going to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The legendary wide receiver is a finalist in the voting for the third-straight year.

“I’m in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, I’m in the [University of Tennessee at Chattanooga] Hall of Fame. I’m good,” he said.

Although it isn’t really a practice for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the interviewer asked Owens which team’s helmet he would wear should he be inducted.

After being reticent to answer the question, he allowed, “Well, it won’t be the Niners.”

Owens is one of the best receivers of all time. He played eight seasons in San Francisco before a contract dispute resulted in him signing with the Philadelphia Eagles.

During his time with the 49ers, he accounted for 8,572 receiving yards and 83 total touchdowns.

The standout receiver has had trouble gaining entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame because he has the reputation of being a bad teammate.

“You’re asking writers to really nominate and [choose] guys who have worked hard during the course of their career,” Owens told NFL.com. “These guys probably never have played the game — they don’t know what it’s like. So, again, you’re putting your career at their hands.”

In the same interview, Owens said his body of work speaks for itself.


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