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April 12-13: Lindi Ortega, Cowspiracy, Christie’s art preview, Elizabeth Crane, Megan Slankard, Jack Ü, Laura Tillman

TUESDAY, APRIL 12 Lindi Ortega: “Faded Gloryville” is the latest album from the acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter, now based in Nashville,…

3 years ago

Pure Nashville sounds from Lindi Ortega

In 12 years of touring, Toronto-bred, honky-tonk kitten Lindi Ortega discovered a universal travel truth, couched in a Far East…

6 years ago

Lindi Ortega just goes with her heart

She has been tagged “Toronto’s best-kept secret.” But that situation should swiftly change for Lindi Ortega — judging by her…

7 years ago