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SXSW gives Grumpy Cat something to smile about

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Courtesy www.knowyourmeme.com
Internet meme sensation 'Grumpy Cat' has been living large in Texas on the set of her Friskies photo shoot.

TMZ reported that meme mogul Grumpy Cat has been livin’ kinda large in Texas during her Friskies photo shoot.

The kitty has yet to throw her cellphone at her assistant, but she’s still being a diva: riding around in a limo, eating filet mignon and sleeping in a king-size bed. She also made an appearance at the Austin art and culture festival SXSW, where she sat in the Mashable tent while hundreds of fans waited in line in the rain to catch a glimpse.

Here are some Grumpy Cat facts: Her real name is Tardar Sauce, or Tard for short, and she has feline dwarfism. She’s owned by brother and sister Bryan and Tabatha Bundesen, who have hired a manager to cash in on the cuteness. It seems to be working.

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