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Supervisor Mark Farrell aims to lift restaurant ban for Upper Fillmore

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With empty storefronts along Upper Fillmore, Supervisor Mark Farrell says its time to lift a ban on restaurants.

Farrell introduced legislation Tuesday that would life the 20-year-old restaurant ban along this corridor and allow restaurants to open if they obtain a conditional use permit.

Such permits require public hearings, increased notification of an application, and they can be appealed to the Board of Supervisors.

“This legislation will help stimulate a lot more economic activity in the street,” Farrell said. “Currently, there are several vacant storefronts in the Fillmore district area like many of our merchant corridors. Fillmore Street is one of the heart and souls of District 2 in particular.”

Farrell’s legislation touches on a long-standing debate about the logic behind restrictions on certain business types.

Similar bans have recently been lifted for the Noe Valley and Castro commercial corridors.


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