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Stow boathouse changes hands

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A more modern, family-run business from New Mexico will be the new tenant of the Stow Lake Boathouse in Golden Gate Park after Bruce McLellan’s family operated the space for 67 years.

Ortega Family Enterprises — which has managed 11 other concessions, including four under the National Park Service — will be the new operating manager after a vote by the Recreation and Park Commission at a packed meeting Thursday.

Hundreds in opposition were most concerned about the boathouse maintaining its reclusive charm.

Commissioner Meagan Levitan paid respect to the McLellan family and its loyalty to The City before the vote, but said her duty as a commissioner is to improve open spaces.

“Is it so wrong to have it be a nice destination?” Levitan said.

The details of the lease are still being negotiated and three more public meetings are needed before final approval.


This article was corrected Aug. 25, 2010. The original article said the Recreation and Park Commission vote was unanimous. The vote was not unanimous.

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