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Sting operation nets alleged Ferry Park muggers

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Three men who may have been responsible for a string of armed robberies in Ferry Park were arrested after a sting operation earlier this week.

San Francisco police Officer Joe Porta noticed a pattern in a series of crimes in the area, and requested to organize the sting Tuesday evening. It was approved Wednesday morning, and by that night, Porta and fellow Officers Paul Doherty, Nico Discenza and Sam Yuen were in the park in plainclothes, waiting for the suspect to hit the next victim, according to Central Station Captain James Dudley.

At approximately 9 p.m., officers saw three young black men approached a 52-year old man near the intersection of Washington and Drumm streets. At gunpoint, the men stole the man’s laptop computer, wallet and cellular phone.

“They took care to watch out for the victim’s safety,” Dudley said. “They were in a close enough proximity to prevent violence if they saw it occur.”

After confirming that the man had been robbed, the officers chased the suspects, who had split up. One suspect pulled a small black handgun on an officer, who responded by firing a single shot that did not hit the suspect. The criminal stopped and dropped the belongings.

Dudley said the men were connected to at least one of three other reported muggings recently in the area.

Officers Discenza and Doherty were both honored by the Nob Hill Association in December as “Police Officers of the Year,” Dudley said.


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