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States should handle public-school issues

Pouring money into public education is an exercise in futility, particularly with the checkered history of the miseducation of teachers and students and the malpractice of teacher unions.

Indeed, the latest education-related political barbs being thrown by President Barack Obama at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, accusing him of wanting to cut education funding, is
a perfect example of Obama’s wasteful spending intended to keep the support of teacher unions.

Clearly, most of Obama’s spending of $96 billion of stimulus funds on national education was to save teachers’ jobs, and he wants to spend another $70 billion to do the same thing.

Public education is a matter for the states to handle, or mishandle as in the case of California — not the federal government.

Daniel B. Jeffs
Apple Valley

Voters backing Mirkarimi

I am confused. According to Dan Schreiber’s article in Friday’s San Francisco Examiner (“Sheriff foes endorse removal”), “political pressure is mounting” for the permanent removal of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

However, in this weekend’s San Francisco Chronicle poll, 65.3 percent of respondents said they do not believe Mirkarimi should lose his job.

Obviously, there is a conflict here and two extreme views that negate each other. The will of the people vs. the strong-arm machinations of City Hall. Somehow, I don’t believe that the desires of the voters will be respected here.

Joe Wicht
San Francisco

Hush up, Outside Lands

Regarding Riley B. VanDyke’s letter to the editor (“Event’s sonic assault still annoys residents,” Wednesday) about the  Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival’s acoustic assault, I can’t agree more.

I’ll be the first to sign any petition to rid us of this annoyance.

By the way, I can’t help but wonder why the idiot supervisor from District 1, Eric Mar, has not said one word about this issue. Probably because it has nothing to do with Happy Meals.

Allan Wong
San Francisco

Radiation studies needed

Reading a local news article (“Helicopters to check radiation levels,” Monday), I am thinking, “Well, it is about time!”

For some five days, low-flying government helicopters will be seen over San Francisco, Oakland and Pacifica, cities with ocean and/or bayfront shorelines. I wonder if this is in response to the Pacific Ocean water measurement off San Diego in which the water had radiation more than three times the normal background level due to the Japanese dumping nuclear-reactor cooling water into the Pacific Ocean and the burning of other radioactive waste.

Radioactivity in rainwater was measured in the Sunset district back in the 1960s in backyard puddles. In the 1990s in my home in the West Portal district, radioactivity was measured in my dining room from not one but two government-surplus civil-defense radiation counters. And now in 2012, we are hearing that the government is trying to improve its ability to measure aerial radiation.

My understanding from lectures conducted by UC Berkeley is that all radioactive isotopes have a half-life that reduces radiation over time. However, with all the radioactive material released by the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns, it is estimated in five years the whole West Coast will be more radioactive than Japan.

Frank Norton
San Francisco

SF Examiner

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