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‘Spider-Man’ stars shack up

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Spidey in the city: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are sharing “a really nice apartment” in New York City.

“Amazing Spider-Man” co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield play on-screen love interests in the upcoming film-franchise reboot … and things are getting serious between them in real life as well. Life&Style reports that the pair have moved in to a New York apartment together.

After collaborating with an interior designer on the space — awww, how cute — “they have a really nice apartment,” a source says.

“They’re in a good place,” affirms the pal. “Both of them are very nice people, very down-to-earth and caring. They’re just two cool people.”

What we want to know is, are they renting or did they buy? Because given the New York real estate scene, that would be a strong indicator of just how committed they really are.

Twin Troubles

Melissa Etheridge is involved in a nasty legal battle with ex-wife Tammy Lynn Michaels over custody of their twins — and Melissa’s legal papers accuse Tammy of accidentally burning one of the children with a cigarette, TMZ reports.

The singer calls her ex “angry and vindictive” and claims she fired off an email saying that the kids “aren’t leaving my care while you are on the road — a completely inappropriate place for 3-year-olds — not to mention you can’t track them, have no child care, and they were bit by dogs in the house last time you had them.”

Did Melissa think putting this on the record would help her case?

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