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SNL: Public Employee of the Year

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A bit long, but amusing.

“It's important to remember that people with government jobs are just like workers everywhere. Except for the lifetime job security, guaranteed annual raises, early retirement on generous pensions, and full medical coverage with no deductibles, office-visit fees, or co-payments.”

UPDATE: Let me just add this, lest anyone think that I hate public employees. I went to D.C.'s DMV last week, and I must say it's a 1,000 percent improvement over how it was when I first moved here. The recent abolition of vehicle safety inspections meant there were no long lines at the emissions inspection station. My wait at the nearby DMV office was a very reasonable (by historical standards) hour and fifteen minutes. I was barely even late for work.

And the lady behind the counter was nice enough to remind me that I have the option of getting plates that don't say “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” on them.

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