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Slash enlists big name vocalists for solo record

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After an illustrious, nearly three-decade career, in red-hot outfits like Guns N’ Roses, Snakepit and Velvet Revolver, axeman extraordinare Slash does, indeed, get by with a little help from his friends.

For his recent self-titled solo outing, the instrumentalist had a virtual who’s-who list of superstar vocal cameos, including Fergie, Dave Grohl, Ian Astbury, Chris Cornell and Ozzy Osbourne (for whom he opens this Thursday at HP Pavilion in San Jose).

“And it is the first thing I’ve ever done that wasn’t a band-driven thing,” he notes. “But it was just an idea that I had, probably from years and years of playing on other people’s records — the idea that it was my album, but I could have so many different guests on the record. Then when Velvet Revolver parted ways with Scott (Weiland), I decided to just go after it.”

The former hard partier is also a healthy new man these days. His basement studio was nicknamed The Snakepit for good reason, he says. “Because I had upwards of 100 reptiles at one point.” Plus a pet puma named Curtis. “But when my first child was born, all of a sudden I got cold feet about the combo,” the father of two says. “I had to get rid of ’em when my kids came along. So now we’re down to just one snake — an anaconda — and a cat and a dog.”

For more information, visit www.slash.ultimate-guitar.com.

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