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Simon Cowell allegedly caught in public argument with baby-mama Lauren Silverman

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Simon Cowell and his baby-mama were caught in a heated spat in the back of an SUV in New York, according to the New York Daily News.

Why is this newsworthy? First, the PR machine behind Cowell and his love child’s mother, Lauren Silverman (who’s also the wife of his good friend), has been working overtime with feel-good stories spun daily about how thrilled the love-struck British multimillionaire is to finally be a dad. So this sort of throws a spanner into that media invention.

Second, we all knew this was coming — it is Simon Cowell after all.

In the pictures, he appears to angrily lecture an anguished Silverman as if she had just performed “Pants on the Ground” at the tail-end of a long day of auditions.

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