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Shooter Jennings revels in what’s retro

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Shooter Jennings’ new album “Shooter” is reminiscent of his dad Waylon Jennings’ sound. (Courtesy Jimmy Fontaine)

It’s a rare phrase in these digital days: “Hang up the phone, I’ll call you back on my landline, which is much clearer.” But that’s how retro-minded alt-country artist Shooter Jennings rolls. He had new copper wiring installed and he wanted to rely on it instead of his scratchy, call-dropping cellphone to discuss his important new eighth album, “Shooter.” What he wanted when he again teamed up with longtime producer Dave Cobb (on Cobb’s new imprint, Low Country Sound) was a rollicking roadhouse stomper, the people-pleasing kind his late father Waylon Jennings used to make. Can you hear him now on call-and-response sing-alongs “D.R.U.N.K.,” “Do You Love Texas” and “Bound Ta Git Down”? He hopes so.

So you’re an analog kind of guy?

I won’t say I’m analog. I’m not like Jack White. I’m more like 1991. Me and my wife watch laser discs, and I collect old computers. And one of my regular models is a 1993 computer with Windows ’98 on it. I just love old technology, and I don’t know what you would call that. I’m just stuck in 1991, ’92. We have a bunch of old video game systems from that era, too.

The only drag with laser discs was having to turn them over halfway through.

And I’m OK with that. It’s like a little ritual. You’ve got to get up, walk over there, and flip it. But that’s kind of like what growing up was like when you were originally watching these movies. It wasn’t like, “I get everything now! When I want it!” It took a little time and effort. But for some reason, I started collecting the laser discs first, then my wife found me a player.

How huge is the vinyl collection, then?

It’s pretty big and overflowing, for sure. Between the wife and I , we’ve got a pretty vast collection. We’ve got a whole giant bookcase of vinyl, and then another one full of laser discs.

You and actress Drea de Matteo split up a few years ago. Who’s your new missus, Misty?

I’ve known her for 20 years. I’d gotten out of a relationship with my ex, and the mother of my children, and I just floated around for a couple of years. Then she kind of popped back into my life, and now we’ve been married five years. We met when I first moved to L.A. in 2000, and she was a bartender at The Rainbow and friends with Lemmy, but she wasn’t a metal chick. But when I first got to town, I had a rock band and was totally into being 20 years old and out on the Sunset Strip. And she was the same.

Shooter Jennings
Where: Slim’s, 333 11th St., S.F.
When: 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 3
Tickets: $20 to $22
Contact: (415) 255-0333, www.eventbrite.com

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