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SFUSD expected to send out delayed student assignment letters

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(S.F. Examiner file photo)

San Francisco parents will likely have to wait just one more day to find out to what public schools their children have been assigned next school year.

A staffing snafu delayed the assignment letters Friday, but San Francisco Unified School District spokesperson Gentle Blythe said employees “worked around the clock over the weekend” to ensure that the letters go out via priority mail by Monday night.

“The letters were supposed to go out on March 17 and they were delayed due to some personal staffing emergencies,” Blythe said. “The school district notified families as soon as we made the determination that we weren’t going to be able to get them in the mail.”

The delay puts some parents in a tight spot when it comes to deciding whether to send their children to public or private schools in The City. Some private schools require parents to submit a deposit and commit to the school as early as Wednesday, according to Blythe.

While those parents will have to make a quick decision, the school district extended the deadline to register to public school in The City by a week to April 21.

The assignment letters were for eager families who applied in the first round of the district’s complicated student assignment system. The deadline to apply was back in January, but parents who did not apply can still apply in another round.

If parents aren’t satisfied with the school their child was assigned to in the first round, Blythe said the letters include information on a reapplication process.

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