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SFPD officer arrested in connection to sexual assault probe

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San Francisco Police Officer Jason Lai (Courtesy SFPD)

A San Francisco police officer who was under investigation for an alleged date rape was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of unlawfully using criminal and motor vehicle records, police said.

While there was not enough evidence to charge Officer Jason Lai in connection with the alleged Aug. 2, 2015 sexual assault, Lai was charged with two misdemeanor counts of unlawful possession of local criminal offender records and four misdemeanor counts of misuse of confidential DMV records, police said.

Another officer who no longer works for the San Francisco Police Department is still under investigation for allegedly interfering with the sexual assault investigation, according to police.

Former Lt. Curtis Liu is suspected of telling Lai, his friend and then-fellow officer at Taraval Police Station in the Sunset, that he might be a suspect in a rape investigation after he saw Lai’s name on an incident report.

Lai has been on unpaid administrative leave since the investigation began.

Lai was accused of raping a woman he had met on-duty. Lai allegedly went with the woman to her home after taking her on a date. He is suspected of raping her after the pair drank six or seven whiskys, the San Francisco Examiner previously reported.

About a week after the incident, search warrants were issued for both officers’ cellphones and a DNA sample was taken from Lai.

A rape kit was not taken from the woman, however, since she went to San Francisco General Hospital more than 97 hours after the incident.

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