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SFMTA increasing fees, fines

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A series of parking fee and fine increases will take effect today, including a $20 hike for The City’s residential parking permits.

The residential parking permits, available to San Francisco residents in neighborhoods without strong commercial presences, will increase from $76 to $96, a move that was approved in February by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. The $20 increase means that since 2008, the cost has gone up by 60 percent, from $60 to $96.

Established by the state in 1976, the residential parking program was created to deter out-of-town workers from parking in unmetered spots all day. Because it’s a state program, the SFMTA cannot  profit off the permits, so the new price increase is strictly a cost-recovery move, according to agency spokeswoman Kristen Holland. With the $20 increase, the SFMTA will save $2.4 million annually, according to department documents.

Along with the permit increases, the transit agency will begin tacking on a $3 “walk-in” fee for people who come into the agency’s customer service center. The fee will be applied for fare-media purchases, citation payments and parking cards bought at the center. The $3 fee is projected to generate $800,000 annually for the agency, which is facing a $39.3 million budget deficit for next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

Lastly, the agency will implement a $2 “courthouse fee” for all parking violations in The City, including boot-removal citations and color-curb infractions. The fee comes as a result of the state charging the SFMTA for courthouse usage. It’s expected to generate $2.8 million annually.

All fee and fine increases were approved by the SFMTA’s board of directors Feb. 26 to make up a then-$12.2 million midyear budget deficit.


Saving money by increasing costs

Breakdown of new fees for SFMTA services:

$2: “Courthouse fee” for all parking violations

$3: “Walk-in fee” for all payments made at the SFMTA’s customer service center

$20: Increase to the cost of residential parking permits, bringing total to $96

$6 million: Annual cost-savings and revenue-generating total for the SFMTA from those increases

$39.3 million: SFMTA’s projected budget deficit for upcoming fiscal year

Source: SFMTA

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