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SF voters support measure to restore Bay Area wetlands

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A nine-county measure to restore wetlands throughout the Bay Area has passed in San Francisco.

Measure AA, which needed to cross a two-thirds threshold to win and must ultimately be passed by a majority of voters within the Bay Area’s nine counties, appears to have received 77 percent of the votes in its favor.

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The measure creates a new $12 annual parcel tax across the Bay Area for 20 years to raise $500 million to restore tidal marshes across the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Bay Area Restoration Authority placed the measure on the ballot throughout the Bay Area. Restoration officials said the total dollar amount needed to restore wetlands is about $1.5 billion, which could be further raised in matching federal funds.

The fund would also be tapped for cleaning the Bay’s water and creating or restoring infrastructure in Bay Area tidal communities, which may also prevent flooding of nearby homes and businesses.

The measure had drawn criticism from those opposed to increasing taxes.

Retired Judge Quentin Kopp, also a former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, had argued taxpayers will be footing the bill for protecting billion-dollar businesses located near the Bay from sea level rise.

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