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SF supes want infrastructure impact fees for Uber, Lyft

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(Richard Vogel/AP file photo)

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors wants state law changed so The City can charge Uber and Lyft with fees for using the streets.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Tuesday a resolution from Supervisor Aaron Peskin that urges San Francisco’s state legislators to introduce legislation enabling San Francisco to impose infrastructure impact fees on transportation network companies like Uber or Lyft.

“To state the obvious: San Francisco and the state of California are far behind the times. As the resolution sets forward cities like New York City, Portland, Philadelphia, states like the state of Massachusetts and the state of New York have been getting fees in some instances and taxes in others from transportation network companies to ameliorate the impacts they have,” Peskin said Tuesday.

The resolution says “TNC services·reduce public transit ridership and revenue while inducing demand for vehicles on city streets, causing congestion, collisions and pedestrian safety impact” and notes that Portland, for example, “has imposed a $0.50 fee per TNC trip which generates over $8 million per year for city traffic police and parking enforcement efforts.”

Supervisor Jane Kim said, “I do believe that while this is a great service to our city and I personally utilize them, that they should absolutely be regulated with fees.”

She pointed to other cities in the nation with fees on TNCs and said “we should absolutely be able to do same here.”

The resolution will be communicated to San Francisco’s state representatives in Sacramento: Senator Scott Weiner and Assembly Members David Chiu and Phil Ting.

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