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SF man convicted of raping his grandmother’s neighbor

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A 30-year-old San Francisco man was found guilty Thursday of raping his grandmother’s neighbor and then robbing in 2010, according to the San Francisco District Attorney’s office.

“This is absolutely horrific conduct that has no place in our society,” said District Attorney George Gascón in a statement. “This is the most serious violation of the person, and it is a violation that he will face severe consequences for.”

Damir Shalako, 30, was found guilty of five felonies including two counts of rape by force, and one count of sexual penetration by a foreign object. He was also found guilty of burglary with intent to commit rape, and first degree residential robbery with enhancements. He faces 64 years to life in state prison.

When the crime occurred, on Sept. 28, 2010, Shalako had just been released from prison after violating parole in relation to a domestic violence conviction and was staying with his grandmother. She lived in the same apartment complex as the victim in a Potrero Hill Housing Development.

At around 11 a.m. on that day Shalako knocked on the door of his grandmother’s upstairs neighbor and asked if he could use the bathroom, saying his grandmother’s wasn’t working.

Reluctantly the victim, then 53, let him in her apartment; she did not know him but knew he was the grandson of her neighbor, according to the District Attorney’s office.

When he’d finished using the restroom, Shalako walked into her bedroom and said, “Come into the bedroom. I want to show you something,” according to court documents. She did not enter the room at first, but when Shalako grabbed her purse she tried to take it from him.

Then, according to the District Attorney’s office, Shalako punched her in the head, threw her on the bed and raped her, holding his hand on her neck the whole time. “Don’t yell and don’t call the police or I’ll kill you,” Shalako said afterwards. Then he took her purse after punching her in the head again.

The commotion was heard by Shalako’s grandmother, who started banging on the victim’s door, yelling, “Open the door, open the door.” Shalako eventually came to the door looking “enraged” and pushed aside his grandmother and ran out of the apartment building.

Shalako’s grandmother called 911 and reported the rape, saying, “Hurry up! My neighbor has been raped, neighbor has been raped … It was my grandson. It was my grandson. It was … hurry. Send the police, send the police. Hurry, hurry, hurry … Bring an ambulance …oh my god … hurry, please, I’m afraid for my life.”

The victim was treated at the hospital, where a rape kit was administered. The DNA test from the kit matched that of Shalako.

Shalako was arrested Oct. 1, 2010. He is scheduled for sentencing July 20.

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