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Seth McFarlane had help penning crappy jokes

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Check out the jokes cut from Seth McFarlane's performance.

Seth McFarlane might have been a sucky Oscars host, but it’s not like he writes all the jokes. Jesse Joyce scribes a large bulk of them and has made a tradition out of tweeting the ones the Academy rejected:

 “Brokeback was abt gay lovers & in Life of Pi Ang champions the lesbian cause b/c the main character’s afraid of dying alone w/ a cat.”

 “Zero Dark Thirty filmed in India-Locals were mad it was used to represent Pakistan & that Bin Laden didnt have a 20 min dance number.”

 “Tommy Lee Jones is a kind and generous person to work for. This past December he gave Bob Cratchit the whole day off on Christmas.”

 “The whole time I watched Denzel in Flight I thought – what an amazing actor & why haven’t they made band aids for black people yet?”

 “Don Johnson was great in Django. He hasn’t used the “N” word that much since his days shooting Miami Vice.”

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