Warpaint chills out with spacey sounds 

The Los Angeles combo Warpaint recently issued its dark full-length CD “The Fool” on Rough Trade. But it’s taken the girl group an eternity, and a breakup or two, to get this far. “We just loved playing music together,” says bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg, whose actress sister Shannyn Sossamon slapped skins in two of the group’s early incarnations. “So there was never an incentive, like, ‘We’ve got to get a record label!’ or ‘We’ve got to book a tour!’ It just felt good. We had our day jobs, then we got to hang out afterwards and play music for hours!” Now serious, the group plays in San Francisco on Wednesday.

So you followed Shannyn out to Los Angeles from Reno? Yeah. My sister was doing commercials and modeling for a couple of years before I came out, but I’d ended up booking a job with her — a Union Bay commercial and print ad — when I still lived in Reno, and that was when I thought I could go to L.A., do commercials, make some money and figure out what to do with my life.

Was the reality of L.A. ice cold? It was actually really warm and amazing! There were lots of artists and creative energy was in the air, and things just started opening up for me. I started sewing, making clothes, started playing the bass, even doing a bit of acting. It was like, whatever’s on your plate, do it! There were no limitations.

Did you meet singer-guitarist Emily Kokal at a Gap-ad audition? Yes. And we were just drawn to each other, because we weren’t you’re your typical casting-goers. I was smoking a cigarette and she asked me for one, we got to talking, and within 15 minutes we’d exchanged numbers. And Theresa (Wayman, co-guitarist) was dating my sister’s roommate, and that’s how we all four congregated.

Then you moved in together in a Malibu beach house? Shannyn had left the band, and that’s when the three of us decided to carry on. So we lived there together for a magical year, and we had band practice there, too. We would just kind of float in space with the music we were making. And I think that played a big part in the music we make now and why we sound the way we sound — because for so long we were able to just chill out and make music that we liked listening to.

Do you still go on auditions? It’s all just music now. Although my sister is directing an Autolux video next week, and I’m going to be in that. There are just too many things that we, as Warpaint, need to do for ourselves.



The Independent, 628 Divisadero St., San Francisco

When: 8 p.m. Wednesday

Tickets: $10

Contact: (415) 771-1421, www.ticketfly.com

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